As a direct result of the time and effort of our study participants, we have generated several articles to share their experiences with other researchers and clinicians.  Please take a look through our work in this area. 

Note: Because these articles are under copyright protection by each journal, we are unable to provide free article copies.  To obtain a copy of the article, please contact the identified journal.








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  • Computer-Mediated Patient Education: Opportunities and Challenges for Supporting Women with Ovarian Cancer. 
    • Dumrongpakapakorn, P., Hopkins, K., Sherwood, P., Zorn, K., & Donovan, H. (2009). Nursing Clinics of North America, 44(3), 339-354.
  • Genotype and Functional Outcome Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. 
    • Gallek, M., Conley, Y., Sherwood, P., Horowitz, M., Kassam, A., & Alexander, S. (2009).  APOE Biological Research for Nursing, 10(3),205-212 PMCID: PMC2744368.
  • Perceptions of economic hardship and the emotional health in a pilot sample of family caregivers.
    • Bradley, S., Sherwood, P., Kuo, J., Kammerer, C., Gettig, E., & Ren, D.(2009). Journal of Neuro-Oncology, 93(3), 333.
  • Rapid, simultaneous quantitation of mono and dioxygenated metabolites of arachidonic acid in human CSF and rat brain.
    • Miller, T.M., Donnelly, M.K., Crago, E.A., Roman, D.M., Sherwood, P.R., Horowitz, M.B., & Poloyac S.M.(2009). J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci, 877(31):3991-4000.


  • A house of cards: The impact of treatment costs on women with breast and ovarian cancer.
    • Sherwood, P., Donovan, H., Rosenzweig, M., Hamilton, R., & Bender, C. (2008).  Cancer Nursing, 31(6), 470-471.
  • Conceptual challenges in the study of caregiver-care recipient relationships
    • Lingler, J., Sherwood, P., Cirghton, M., Song, M., & Happ, M. (2008).  Nursing Research, 57(5), 367-372 PMCID: PMC2875992.
  • Symptom Clusters in Adults with Chronic Health Problems and Cancer as a Comorbidity.
    • Bender, C., Engberg, S., Donovan, H.S., Cohen, S.M., Houze, M.P., Rosenzweig, M.Q., Mallory, G.A., Dunbar-Jacob, J., Sereika, S.M. (2008). Oncology Nursing Forum. 35. 1. E1-E11.
  • Putting evidence into practice: Nursing assessment and interventions to reduce family caregiver strain and burden.
    • Honea, N.J., Brintnall, R., Given, B., Sherwood, P., Colao, D.B., Somers, S.C., & Northouse, L.L.(2008). Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 12(3), 507-516.
  • Evaluation of the Symptom Representation Questionnaire (SRQ) for Assessing Cancer-Related Symptoms.
    • Donovan, H.S., Ward, S., Sherwood, P.R., & Serlin, R.C. (2008). Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, 35, 3, 242-257.
  •  Guiding research in family care:  A new approach to oncology caregiving.
    • Sherwood, P., Given, B., Donovan, H., Given, C.W., Baum, A., Bender, C.M., & Schulz, R.  (2008). Psycho-Oncology, 17(10), 986-996.
  • Predictors of employment and lost hours from work in cancer caregivers
    • Sherwood, P., Donovan, H., Given, C.W., Lu, X., Given, B., Hricik, A., & Bradley, S.  (2008).  Psycho-Oncology, 17(6), 598-605
  • A Representational Intervention to Decrease Cancer Pain (RIDcancerPain).
    • Ward, S., Donovan, H.S., Gunnarsdottir, S., Serlin, R.C., Shapiro, G. & Hughes, S. (2008). Health Psychology, 27, 59-67.


  • I could lose everything:  Understanding the cost of a brain tumor. 
    • Bradley, S., Sherwood, P., Donovan, H., Hamilton, R., Rosenzweig, M., Hricik, A, & Bender, C.  (2007). Journal of Neuro-Oncology, 85(3), 329-338.
  • An update on the Representation Approach to Patient Education.
    • Donovan, H.S., Ward, S., Song, M.K., Heidrich, S.M., Gunnarsdottir, S., Phillips, C. (2007). Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 39, 259-265.
  • Evaluated need, costs of care and payer perspective in degenerative dementia patients.
    • Murman, D., Von Eye, A., Sherwood, P., Liang, J., & Colenda, C.  (2007). Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, 21(1), 39-48.
  • The influence of caregiver mastery on depressive symptoms.
    • Sherwood, P., Given, B., Given, C., Schiffman, R., Murman, D., von Eye, A., Lovely, M., Rogers, L., & Remer, S.  (2007).  Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 39(3), 249-255.
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  • The impact of providing symptom management assistance on caregiver reaction: Results of a randomized trial. 
    • Given, B., Given, C.W., Sikorskii, A., Jeon, S., Sherwood, P., Rahbar, M.  (2006).  Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 32(5), 433-443.
  • Predictors of distress in caregivers of persons with a primary malignant brain tumor.
    • Sherwood, P., Given, B., Given, C., Schiffman, R., Murman, D., Lovely, M., von Eye, A., Rogers, L., & Remer, S.  (2006). Research in Nursing and Health, 29(2), 105-120.


  • Patient-provider communication and perceived control for women experiencing multiple symptoms associated with ovarian cancer.
    • Donovan, H.S., Hartenbach, E.M., & Method, M. (2005). Gynecologic Oncology, 99, 404-411.
  • Representations of Fatigue in Women Receiving Chemotherapy for Gynecologic Cancers.
    • Donovan, H.S. & Ward, S. (2005). Oncology Nursing Forum, 32,113-116.
  • A cognitive behavioral intervention for symptom management in patients with advanced cancer. 
    • Sherwood, P., Given, B., Given, C., Champion, V., Doorenbos, A., et al.  (2005). Oncology Nursing Forum, 32(6), 1-9.
  • Caregiver burden and depressive symptoms:  Analysis of common outcomes in caregivers of elderly patients. 
    • Sherwood, P., Given, C, Given, B, & von Eye, A.  (2005).  Journal of Aging and Health, 17(2), 125-147.
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  • Burden and depression among caregivers of patients with cancer at the end-of-life. 
    • Given, B., Wyatt, G., Given, C., Gift, A., Sherwood, P., DeVoss, D., & Rahbar, M.  (2004).  Oncology Nursing Forum, 31(6), 1105-1117.
  • Forgotten voices:  Lessons from bereaved caregivers. 
    • Sherwood, P., Given, B., Doorenbos, A., & Given, C.  (2004).  Journal of Palliative Care Nursing, 10(2), 67-75.
  • Family care of persons with a brain tumor. 
    • Sherwood, P., Given, B., Given, C., Schiffman, R., & Murman, D.  (2004). Nursing Inquiry, 11(1), 43-53.
  • To refer or not refer:  Factors that affect primary care provider referral of patients with cancer to clinical treatment trials. 
    • Sherwood, P., Given, B., Scholnik, A., & Given, C.  (2004).  Journal of Cancer Education, 19(1), 58-65.
  • Primary malignant brain tumor incidence and medicaid enrollment. 
    • Sherwood, P., Stommel, M., Murman, D., Given, C., & Given, B.  (2004).  Neurology, 62(10), 1788-1793.
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  • Interventions to Overcome Clinician- and Patient-Related Barriers to Pain Management.
    • Gunnarsdottir, S., Donovan, H.S., & Ward, S. (2003). Nursing Clinics of North America, 38, 419-434.
  • Conducting intervention research through the Cancer Information Service: A feasibility study.
    • Heidrich, S., Ward, S., Julesberg, K., Miller, N., Donovan, H., Gunnarsdottir, S., Davis, S., Hughes, S., & Serlin, R.S. (2003) Oncology Nursing Forum, 30, 131-134.

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  • Patient related barriers to pain management: The Barriers Questionnaire II (BQ-II).
    • Gunnarsdottir, S., Donovan, H.S., Serlin, R.C., Voge, C., & Ward, S. (2002). Pain, 99, 385-96.
  • Who cares for the caregiver:  Strategies to provide support.  
    • Riess-Sherwood, P., Given, B., & Given, C.  (2002).  Home Health Care Management and Practice, 14(2)110-121

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  • A representational approach to patient education.
    • Donovan, H.S. & Ward, S. (2001). The Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 33, 211-216.
  • Patient Education in Pain Control.
    • Ward, S., Hughes, S., Donovan, H., Serlin, R.C. (2001). Supportive Care in Cancer, 9,148-155.
  • An individualized intervention to overcome patient-related barriers to pain management in women with gynecologic cancer.
    • Ward, S.E., Donovan, H.S., Owen, B., Grosen, E., & Serlin, R. (2000). Research in Nursing and Health, 23, 393-405.
  • The impact of patient related barriers to pain management on quality of life
    • Ward, S.E., Carlson-Dakes, K., Hughes, S., Kwekkeboom, K., & Donovan, H. (1998).. Research in Nursing and Health, 21, 405-413

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