Working to Improve Life for Families Facing Cancer

The Innovations in Cancer Care Research (ICCR) program was established at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing in 2005, building on work from the Family Care Research Program at Michigan State University and the Center for Patient-Centered Interventions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The goal of the ICCR is to conduct and disseminate quality research designed to meet the needs of persons with cancer and their families. Under the direction of Dr. Heidi Donovan, RN, PhD and Dr. Paula Sherwood, RN, PhD, CNRN, the ICCR is dedicated to promoting the science of cancer care in areas such as biobehavioral interactions, symptom management, family caregiver distress, financial hardship, and cognitive dysfunction, among others. For more information on any of our ongoing studies, please contact us.

SmartCare - A web-and telephone-based cancer caregiver support program

Study update: We have enrolled 104 families to date! Family Caregivers are participating from as close as Squirrel Hill to as far as South Dakota! 

The top three issues caregivers have reported are:
Distress about your loved ones’…
1. Emotions.
2. Changes in Disease status.
3. Changes in Thinking, Behavior, Personality.